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  • The Church as Noah’s Ark

    The Church as Noah’s Ark

    by Dan Clendenin 1 Peter 3:13-22 Source: Back in 1987 I served three weeks as a visiting professor at the Bangui Evangelical School of Theology (BEST) in the Central […]

  • Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

    Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

    by Debie Thomas On this fifth Sunday of Easter, the setting of our Gospel is grim and sombre. Jesus has just finished a last supper with his disciples. He has […]

  • Doubting Thomas

    Doubting Thomas

    By Dan Clendenin God in Christ has defeated death and reconciled the cosmos to himself. And so the Yale historian Jaroslav Pelikan once wrote, “If Christ is raised from the […]

  • The Clown King

    The Clown King

    Palm SundayBy Debie Thomas I’ve never heard a sermon about Jesus’ sense of hu-mour. If I were to construct a personality profile, based on everything the Church has taught me […]

  • Beyond a Sentimental Gospel

    Beyond a Sentimental Gospel

    The Slaughter of the Innocents: Stanley Hauerwas of Duke University once observed that sentimentality is one of the greatest enemies of understanding the gospel. Perhaps there’s no time when we’re […]

  • Rethinking Christmas

    Rethinking Christmas

    There can be a gauzy, candlelit coziness to Christmas Eve and Day — and that’s all well and good, as far as it goes.  Coziness in the midst of December […]

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