God loves you

The Holy spirit, like Jesus, is praying for us. Knowing that as humans in a created world, we struggle, we struggle to know God, and because we struggle to know God, we struggle to know how to be human and how to love one another and how to forgive one another and how to care for God’s world. When you are struggling, we are meant to remember that the Holy Spirit is also struggling with us. Sigh is too deep for words. Is such an evocative thought. This is beyond mere language. This is the Holy Spirit. In fact, groaning within us. Sighing within us. Too deep for words because sometimes what we’re going through can’t just be put into words. And as you know, even as you do put things into words, your words are inadequate. And your words will only explain a bit of where you’re at and not give you the whole story. And even after you’ve expressed the thought, or an emotion, or come to a spiritual understanding and you’ve said it. You then move on and you need to rediscover what it means. So this wordless Holy Spirit within us is always in us, always interceding, speaking up for us.